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It’s the gratitude that is my true motivation.

Ev’s Hayley Joy clothing collection.

I’m sharing my true motivation with you today, about why I do what I do everyday, with a passion that has no bounds. I believe there are many lessons to be learnt, from this interaction I’ve been having, with a very special and loyal client. It really is about building relationships, beyond just the numbers.

So the story goes…my wonderful client who shared this with me, we’ll call her Ev, needed to find a way to get through some particularly trying meetings. Here’s the first message I received:

Hi Hayley….long complicated story but I have to attend a meeting every second Wednesday. This meeting upsets me tremendously…so I have put myself on a star system. For every meeting I manage to disengage, I earn a star. Five stars equals a new HJ outfit. Got my first star today!! You are really a motivation and motivator!

And every so often I receive these messages.

Earned my second star today…it was THAT meeting again!

Darn…I blew it today. Didn’t disengage and therefore don’t deserve my star……still only on 3 stars! As punishment I have to walk an additional kilometer today as well. Academics are at times just soooo totally out of reality about what goes on in private practice!

Fourth star today…yay yay yay. One more to go then I can come a shopping…!

Got my 5th star today! Yeahhhhh see you soon!

I have loved this interaction because the lady in question is one serious academic, with the most wonderful sense of humour. Interestingly, as funny as this interaction has been, I’ve also learnt a lot from her about turning bad situations into good situations, by attaching a reward. I think if we all started rewarding ourselves for dealing with what really pushes our buttons, we would learn to overcome those situations and possibly learn a whole new coping mechanism.

And then as if Ev hadn’t provided me with enough entertainment, she sends me a photo of her Hayley Joy collection, with this message, ‘Stock taking at my branch of the HJ shop…good grief. I am shocked. No more stars for me….!!’

I am so blessed to have built up relationships with so many amazing women that I dress. And I am honoured that we have this kind of relationship, where we can share our frustrations in life, and establish supportive relationships outside of just selling clothes. It’s this kind of interaction that maintains my faith in what I do, against the odds, of which there are some. Being an Entrepeneur, and being the Boss, doesn’t often allow for frivolous moments, but having established relationships that transcend ‘just business alone’ I am part of much more than just work!!
❤️ Hayley

My extra kilos are important…

I’m at such a wonderful place in my shaping journey, and it’s these Miracle top styles, that continuously inspire me to push the shape boundaries. My commitment is always, that all styles in Hayley Joy retail, and on the future Hayley Joy online store, must be able to be sized respectfully from a S – 7XL.

Winter Miracle shape top
Black and White stars, Miracle shape top.

I’m so excited to present these new Winter Miracle tops. The fit of this top is tooooo fabulous. It’s the perfect shape for all sizes, but my true inspiration is how it fits and flatters Plus sizes. I think it’s the heavier weight fabric that gives it such wonderful body. It’s got a distinct shape in the waist, and even with my extra kilos that I’m carrying, I still feel really, really good in it.


Winter Miracle shape top
Denim Paisley Miracle shape top with leather detail.

This extra kilo thing seems to be a a ‘trend’ 😂 and in discussions in the store about this very topic, we unanimously agreed, that my extra kilos are very important, because they keep me focused on designing flattering styles for your extra kilos.
😂😘❤️ Hayley

My own in-house model, who is the perfect fit.

Displaying Plus size fashion on a hanger can be sooooooo frustrating. It never really looks like anything, and there are days when I really despair.

Today I was experimenting with the new styles for HJ online, with my Plus size mannequin. Nothing was hanging right and I ended up, irritated, frustrated and ready to chuck it all.

It was time for some fresh air and off I went to the store. I walked in, and Sanette who works for me came out to greet me, (she is working at the back of the store, helping me with all the patterns), and as she walked towards me, I had a wonderful moment of enlightenment…why am I fighting with myself and the mannequin, when I have the most representative model, right in my midst.

Hayley Joy Miracle swinger modelled by Sanette
Sanette Van Heerden wearing Hayley Joy.

Sanette was wearing the Coral paisley Miracle swing top and I couldn’t get over how amazing she looked, and what a fabulous brand ambassador she is. Sanette is the perfect HJ Pink Heart (2XL) and tomorrow she is going to be my perfect muse and model for the online collections.

I really am the luckiest Entrepeneur, sometimes I just don’t see what’s right in front of my eyes, but thanks to Sanette, a major meltdown was averted.
❤️ Hayley


Some days we need to “slouch” in Plus size style.

 I love clothes, I love fabric and some days I love comfort over all else. Being in a retail environment means that I am serving clients all day, so comfort is of the utmost importance, as I’m on my feet most of the time.

I like being able to say that whatever I’m wearing feels like I’m wearing nothing!! Tight elastic puts me in an instant bad mood, ill fitting tops that are just to tight, make me self conscious and that is why it is so important for me to test drive styles before they go into production. By the time I sign off on a style , I know that when you wear it, you will experience instant comfort, because I’ve been through all the uncomfortable stages while we are tweaking the design.

 But…some days I want absolute comfort, I want a top that literally just slouches on me, and that’s how this slouch top design, came to be. I LOVE this unshaped shape. It is a square that falls down into folds and whether it’s plain, printed or plain/print mixed, it is my comfort top. I love pairing it with leggings and boots in winter and it looks as fabulous with skinny jeans.
Many of you have messaged me asking for them, we have a variety in store now.
❤️ H


The exclusive Hayley Joy Miracle top shape, that brings me immense Joy.

Every Plus size Miracle top that I design revolves around the fabric. As you know by now, I love everything fabric related, designing it, designing with it, and of course buying it. I have been very fortunate to be able to work with a team overseas who indulge my vision on every level. I have been just as fortunate locally, to be able to be part of the selection process of specific prints, that are in line with the HJ handwriting.

My sole purpose when I designed the basic Miracle shape, was to provide consistency. Being a Plus size myself enables me to understand the trauma behind anything Plus size clothing related. I wanted to develop an exclusive Hayley Joy, Plus size shape, that would flatter all shapes and sizes, from a small to a 7XL, and that would fit the same, ALWAYS! I was determined to show respect for all sizes, and the only way I knew this would be possible, was if I created a shape that was consistent. I have been using the Miracle shape for two years now, and it has proven to be the single most inspired design I have produced in my 30 years of clothing design.

I get to experience the joy this shape brings, on a daily basis in the store. HJ production and I are aware that not every fabric will offer the same fit, but by working with reputable fabric suppliers, we have been able to offer this shape with consistency. I am loving how clients from all over the world are ordering this Miracle shape with confidence. I am able to advise around the fit, according to the quality of the fabric (stretch, hang etc) and our success rate makes me a very happy designer. These three tops are the first with the new 1/2 collar detail I’ve designed. There are a fair amount of clients who ask for collars, and it’s not something I really offer, as collars are just not my thing, but this collar is a design aspect that fits in perfectly with the fabric, style and season.

❤️ H

1/2 collar Miracle tops are in store now, sized from M – 7XL.
Price R799


Planning your holiday wardrobes.

Apologies for the lack of blogging. This month has been a crazy busy one in production. My fabulous production team have been sewing up a Miracle top storm, in anticipation of a crazy December. I love this time of the year, you’re all planning to go on holiday, and I’m planning your wardrobes.

We have made a new version of the Miracle Pan top, so many of you have asked for it, so I tweaked it a little and exactly what sold me on this top last year, is exactly what’s sold me this year, those side panels create the best illusion.

In store now.

Xxx Hayley

Pan Top.
Oil slick print for Pan tops.
Pan Top.

I am truly inspired by beautiful fabrics.

I’m so inspired by beautiful fabrics, and these two prints were truly inspiring. I happened upon some beautiful new viscose lycra prints, and I knew they required something a little different from a design perspective, so I designed a tunic style with an interesting detail around the neck and down the front. The first thing that struck me, when I tried the sample on, was how slimming the black detail is. I didn’t hesitate, huge cutting order given, on a variety of prints.

We started with my two favourites, and I only wish there had been more fabric, as there is limited quantity, and they are really stunning.

Xxx H

Sizes S – 6XL

Price R799


Rose print Miracle tunic top


Mandala print Miracle tunic top.

Chiffon Frill top.

This Chiffon frill top is one of those styles that never loses it’s appeal. I took a break from it, but so many of you have kept asking for it,   so when I come across a whole range of wonderful chiffon prints, I knew it was time to bring it back. HJ production have been kept very busy for the last two weeks, and now HJ retail has a whole collection of new frill tops.

This is one of my favourite styles to wear, it is cool, feminine, and very comfortable. I also loves that it transcends all age groups. My 80 year old mom was wearing one today that must be 10 years old, and it still looked so good. That’s when I realised that this style will always be a part of HJ.

Xxx H

Purple spot Chiffon frill top.
Taupe dots Chiffon frill top.

Two different prints, accommodating two different tastes.

I am soooooo loving selling this Miracle top style. I keep trying to go back in my head and remember where the idea came from, but I think it’s just one of those styles, that happen organically, because they are meant to!

Whenever I choose fabrics for a style, I always make sure that I choose two very different prints, so that I can try and accommodate different tastes in prints and colours. The Cerise Spots are for those of you looking for bright and cheerful, and the Denim Wheels are for those of you looking for something more subtle. The fit of this top makes me so incredibly proud, it definitely lives up to its Miracle description, and flatters perfectly.

Xxx H

Sizes M – 6XL

Price R899

Coral print zig-zag Miracle top.
Denim wheels zig-zag Miracle top.

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