Miracle top

Two different prints, accommodating two different tastes.

I am soooooo loving selling this Miracle top style. I keep trying to go back in my head and remember where the idea came from, but I think it’s just one of those styles, that happen organically, because they are meant to!

Whenever I choose fabrics for a style, I always make sure that I choose two very different prints, so that I can try and accommodate different tastes in prints and colours. The Cerise Spots are for those of you looking for bright and cheerful, and the Denim Wheels are for those of you looking for something more subtle. The fit of this top makes me so incredibly proud, it definitely lives up to its Miracle description, and flatters perfectly.

Xxx H

Sizes M – 6XL

Price R899

Coral print zig-zag Miracle top.
Denim wheels zig-zag Miracle top.

Rainbow Splash print miracle top, layered with black mesh.

One of the things I loved about creating the Miracle top shape, is that it fits and flatters perfectly. When I saw this piece of rainbow splash fabric, I had to have it, but I also needed to be able to tone it down. Layering black mesh over it, is the perfect way for me to offer all sizes, an off the wall fabric, that remains flattering.

I’m loving challenging the Plus-size boundaries, and it’s a design like this, that backs up my initial thinking, that I was truly onto something, when I started pushing the shape and not size boundaries.

I’ve seen this new style on various shapes, from size M – 6XL, and I cannot believe how beautiful it looks on all sizes. It is proving to be one of my favourite styles to sell. The reaction from clients, when they see themselves in this style, is a very proud moment for me.

Xxx H

Rainbow print Miracle layer top.

A Miracle in Coral.

Designing with the new Miracle shapes that we have developed, has enabled me to experience the true wonder, of the Shape not a Size concept. This Miracle twinset has affirmed everything for me. It fits, and shapes, and flatters, exactly how I dreamt it would. My dream was to create a two piece style that would work perfectly as such, but that it could also be separated and be as effective. This Coral patchwork print is sooooo striking on, and the reaction on clients faces, when they see themselves in this twinset, is so special for me.

Xxx H.
Coral_patchwork_fabriccoral patchwork

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