Miracle armholes for a Miracle camisole.

A recurring request is for a Plus size sleeveless garment that is respectful to odd and Plus size shapes.

Pink floral, Viscose Lycra, Miracle swing camisole.

What is that requirement? Well it’s all in the armholes. I have patiently engineered the armholes on this garment. The secret is that all the bits need to be tucked away, so that we wear a sleeveless garment comfortably, without worrying about who can see what, hanging out.
I’m extremely proud of this Miracle camisole shape, that I’ve introduced to the Hayley Joy collection. It does everything it needs to do. I’ve kept the top semi fitted, and swung from the waist to allow for ease of wear.

Aqua floral, Viscose Lycra, Miracle swing camisole.

Whilst working on this shape, I came to understand, that it is important to take into account, that there are many Plus size women whose arms are perfectly acceptable, and there are also those woman who have learnt to embrace their shapes, and are far more concerned about being cool, than what yours and my opinion of their arms are. It’s for this reason that I designed this respectful garment in two lengths. There is normal camisole length and then I’ve introduced a length that’s just on the knee, and works brilliantly as a costume cover, or is perfect over leggings. It’s a fun look, and one that I know you will enjoy wearing, from a comfort perspective.
❤️ Hayley


Illusions created by Diagonals for Plus Sizes.

Pink and Grey Animal print Overvest with black Undertop.

In my never ending attempts to create slimming illusions, I have come to really appreciate the power of diagonal lines. With each new design I get to see how much slimmer I can make you look, by combining complimentary fabrics, and playing with interesting and flattering angles.

This fabric posed a challenge, as it actually has distinct horizontal lines that are set widely apart, which is not flattering for Plus sizes at all. Hayley Joy production and I pushed the boundary somewhat, and cut the panels in such a way, that you don’t notice the stripes. I soooooo love that we  can do that!! It’s one of the many advantages of me having my own production facility, we can play around with concepts that would never be entertained by a CMT factory, and if they did, it would be way to expensive. It doesn’t always make good business sense because it takes that much longer to hand cut, but I really loved the fabric and knew we could make a plan.

This multi fabric mesh overvest is in store now, and works perfectly paired with a plain black short sleeve Miracle undertop.

❤️ Hayley

Sizes S – 6XL
Price R899 for the Overvest, R599 for the Undertop.


New fabrics, new styles, new seasons…Summer ’16 is a reality in Hayley Joy production.

My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and she had lots of ‘sewing stuff’ accumulated over many years. I have very fond memories of how we used to lay things out, when we were planning a new outfit. It was the highlight of my school holidays, when I went to stay with Granny Lily.

I had a real déjavu moment when I walked into Hayley Joy production, and the new Summer Overvest samples were laid out on the cutting table for me to assess. I love these moments in my design career.

Overvests waiting to be assessed.
Hayley Joy Summer ’16 Overvests.

Designing for Plus sizes is such a privilege for me. I am inspired and motivated, by my need to offer all sizes, fashionable styles. The HJ  Miracle overvest is a style that I’m extremely proud of, it offers the fit that I envisioned, and I love the look on clients faces when they see themselves in the different variations.

I constantly strive to design styles that honour all shapes and sizes. It is so rewarding turning a disillusioned client into a grateful client. I am determined to be the designer, who proves that regular fashion can be styled into Plus sizes, after all I’m the designer who invented a Shape not a Size.

❤️ Hayley

The perfect travel ensemble designed and manufactured by Hayley Joy.

Lilac Spray Lace Jacket.

It’s amazing how much business has changed with our ever changing world. In the past I would change the store over to Winter at the end of March, and there wouldn’t be a piece of summer stock on the floor.

Bon Bon Thick Strap Camisole. (Basics range)

Last year I had so many clients travelling during May, June and July, and we were all frustrated by the lack of summer stock available, so this year I kept a quarter of the store for summer stock and what a difference it’s made.

Bon Bon Straight Leg Pants. (Basics range)

So many of you are travelling overseas for weddings, and need lightweight Plus size styles. This Pink Spray Lace jacket is perfect for traveling, and is very easy and light to pack, and the best part…it doesn’t crease.
I’ve paired it with black Bon Bon pants and a Bon Bon black thick strap camisole. The pants and cami are part of the HJ basics collection, and are the perfect travelling duo.
❤️ Hayley

My extra kilos are important…

I’m at such a wonderful place in my shaping journey, and it’s these Miracle top styles, that continuously inspire me to push the shape boundaries. My commitment is always, that all styles in Hayley Joy retail, and on the future Hayley Joy online store, must be able to be sized respectfully from a S – 7XL.

Winter Miracle shape top
Black and White stars, Miracle shape top.

I’m so excited to present these new Winter Miracle tops. The fit of this top is tooooo fabulous. It’s the perfect shape for all sizes, but my true inspiration is how it fits and flatters Plus sizes. I think it’s the heavier weight fabric that gives it such wonderful body. It’s got a distinct shape in the waist, and even with my extra kilos that I’m carrying, I still feel really, really good in it.


Winter Miracle shape top
Denim Paisley Miracle shape top with leather detail.

This extra kilo thing seems to be a a ‘trend’ 😂 and in discussions in the store about this very topic, we unanimously agreed, that my extra kilos are very important, because they keep me focused on designing flattering styles for your extra kilos.
😂😘❤️ Hayley

Some days we need to “slouch” in Plus size style.

 I love clothes, I love fabric and some days I love comfort over all else. Being in a retail environment means that I am serving clients all day, so comfort is of the utmost importance, as I’m on my feet most of the time.

I like being able to say that whatever I’m wearing feels like I’m wearing nothing!! Tight elastic puts me in an instant bad mood, ill fitting tops that are just to tight, make me self conscious and that is why it is so important for me to test drive styles before they go into production. By the time I sign off on a style , I know that when you wear it, you will experience instant comfort, because I’ve been through all the uncomfortable stages while we are tweaking the design.

 But…some days I want absolute comfort, I want a top that literally just slouches on me, and that’s how this slouch top design, came to be. I LOVE this unshaped shape. It is a square that falls down into folds and whether it’s plain, printed or plain/print mixed, it is my comfort top. I love pairing it with leggings and boots in winter and it looks as fabulous with skinny jeans.
Many of you have messaged me asking for them, we have a variety in store now.
❤️ H


Planning your holiday wardrobes.

Apologies for the lack of blogging. This month has been a crazy busy one in production. My fabulous production team have been sewing up a Miracle top storm, in anticipation of a crazy December. I love this time of the year, you’re all planning to go on holiday, and I’m planning your wardrobes.

We have made a new version of the Miracle Pan top, so many of you have asked for it, so I tweaked it a little and exactly what sold me on this top last year, is exactly what’s sold me this year, those side panels create the best illusion.

In store now.

Xxx Hayley

Pan Top.
Oil slick print for Pan tops.
Pan Top.

I am truly inspired by beautiful fabrics.

I’m so inspired by beautiful fabrics, and these two prints were truly inspiring. I happened upon some beautiful new viscose lycra prints, and I knew they required something a little different from a design perspective, so I designed a tunic style with an interesting detail around the neck and down the front. The first thing that struck me, when I tried the sample on, was how slimming the black detail is. I didn’t hesitate, huge cutting order given, on a variety of prints.

We started with my two favourites, and I only wish there had been more fabric, as there is limited quantity, and they are really stunning.

Xxx H

Sizes S – 6XL

Price R799


Rose print Miracle tunic top


Mandala print Miracle tunic top.

Two different prints, accommodating two different tastes.

I am soooooo loving selling this Miracle top style. I keep trying to go back in my head and remember where the idea came from, but I think it’s just one of those styles, that happen organically, because they are meant to!

Whenever I choose fabrics for a style, I always make sure that I choose two very different prints, so that I can try and accommodate different tastes in prints and colours. The Cerise Spots are for those of you looking for bright and cheerful, and the Denim Wheels are for those of you looking for something more subtle. The fit of this top makes me so incredibly proud, it definitely lives up to its Miracle description, and flatters perfectly.

Xxx H

Sizes M – 6XL

Price R899

Coral print zig-zag Miracle top.
Denim wheels zig-zag Miracle top.

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