Displaying Plus size fashion on a hanger can be sooooooo frustrating. It never really looks like anything, and there are days when I really despair.

Today I was experimenting with the new styles for HJ online, with my Plus size mannequin. Nothing was hanging right and I ended up, irritated, frustrated and ready to chuck it all.

It was time for some fresh air and off I went to the store. I walked in, and Sanette who works for me came out to greet me, (she is working at the back of the store, helping me with all the patterns), and as she walked towards me, I had a wonderful moment of enlightenment…why am I fighting with myself and the mannequin, when I have the most representative model, right in my midst.

Hayley Joy Miracle swinger modelled by Sanette
Sanette Van Heerden wearing Hayley Joy.

Sanette was wearing the Coral paisley Miracle swing top and I couldn’t get over how amazing she looked, and what a fabulous brand ambassador she is. Sanette is the perfect HJ Pink Heart (2XL) and tomorrow she is going to be my perfect muse and model for the online collections.

I really am the luckiest Entrepeneur, sometimes I just don’t see what’s right in front of my eyes, but thanks to Sanette, a major meltdown was averted.
❤️ Hayley