I love designing, I love seeing the designs come to life, but my greatest love is seeing the finished garment on a body shape. This Oversvest style has been on my design radar for so long, and now that I see it finished, I wonder what took me so long. I love everything about it, and I especially love the wonderful shape that it gives all sizes.


Overvest with cowl undertop
Miracle overvest with Miracle cowl undertop

My end result must always be respect for your shape, and this design is all that and more. I’ve paired it with the new Miracle cowl neck tops, and I cannot wait to wear this look.


Black overvest with red cowl undertop
Black Miracle overvest with Red Miracle cowl undertop

I’ve tried this sample on so many times that by now I should be bored, and I’m not!! That is because it is a very special garment, with a very special fit.


Miracle overvest with cowl undertop
Black Miracle overvest with Cobalt Blue Miracle cowl undertop

❤️ Hayley

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