The new HJ Miracle winter top, with a loose Cowl neck, is that perfect, that it only required one sample to be made. Whenever we develop a new style, it normally takes at least 2-3 attempts for it to be right in my eyes as I have very high standards when it comes to the fit of my Plus size styles, because I am hell bent on respect for all our different shapes.

Red cowl neck Miracle top.

I love the look of a Cowl neck in Winter but I can’t bear anything close to my neck, so the number one requirement for this garment, was to create a neckline that looks like a cowl, but had none of the drawbacks of a conventional cowl. I love how it falls away from the neck, but still has the beautiful drape of a cowl.

Cobalt Blue cowl neck Miracle top

Whenever I’m feeling down about my weight issues, I reflect back to moments like this where I am the perfect Hayley Joy model, and I remind myself that if I wasn’t who I was, I wouldn’t be able to design styles, that enable you and I to be on the same page, around the comfort factor.

Black cowl neck Miracle top.

These three colours are in store now, and I’ve seen this style on a variety of body shapes, and it truly is a winner. Whether you wear it alone, with an overvest, a gilet or a jacket, it is a wonderful addition to the HJ basics range.
❤️ H

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