I love clothes, I love fabric and some days I love comfort over all else. Being in a retail environment means that I am serving clients all day, so comfort is of the utmost importance, as I’m on my feet most of the time.

I like being able to say that whatever I’m wearing feels like I’m wearing nothing!! Tight elastic puts me in an instant bad mood, ill fitting tops that are just to tight, make me self conscious and that is why it is so important for me to test drive styles before they go into production. By the time I sign off on a style , I know that when you wear it, you will experience instant comfort, because I’ve been through all the uncomfortable stages while we are tweaking the design.

 But…some days I want absolute comfort, I want a top that literally just slouches on me, and that’s how this slouch top design, came to be. I LOVE this unshaped shape. It is a square that falls down into folds and whether it’s plain, printed or plain/print mixed, it is my comfort top. I love pairing it with leggings and boots in winter and it looks as fabulous with skinny jeans.
Many of you have messaged me asking for them, we have a variety in store now.
❤️ H