Every Plus size Miracle top that I design revolves around the fabric. As you know by now, I love everything fabric related, designing it, designing with it, and of course buying it. I have been very fortunate to be able to work with a team overseas who indulge my vision on every level. I have been just as fortunate locally, to be able to be part of the selection process of specific prints, that are in line with the HJ handwriting.

My sole purpose when I designed the basic Miracle shape, was to provide consistency. Being a Plus size myself enables me to understand the trauma behind anything Plus size clothing related. I wanted to develop an exclusive Hayley Joy, Plus size shape, that would flatter all shapes and sizes, from a small to a 7XL, and that would fit the same, ALWAYS! I was determined to show respect for all sizes, and the only way I knew this would be possible, was if I created a shape that was consistent. I have been using the Miracle shape for two years now, and it has proven to be the single most inspired design I have produced in my 30 years of clothing design.

I get to experience the joy this shape brings, on a daily basis in the store. HJ production and I are aware that not every fabric will offer the same fit, but by working with reputable fabric suppliers, we have been able to offer this shape with consistency. I am loving how clients from all over the world are ordering this Miracle shape with confidence. I am able to advise around the fit, according to the quality of the fabric (stretch, hang etc) and our success rate makes me a very happy designer. These three tops are the first with the new 1/2 collar detail I’ve designed. There are a fair amount of clients who ask for collars, and it’s not something I really offer, as collars are just not my thing, but this collar is a design aspect that fits in perfectly with the fabric, style and season.

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1/2 collar Miracle tops are in store now, sized from M – 7XL.
Price R799