Today I feel truly honoured as a Plus-size woman.

When I first opened Hayley Joy, I really wanted to demonstrate my respect, for my market, from the get go, and to me this meant displaying my Plus-size styles on mannequins that represented my market…WELL…I cannot even begin to describe my frustration, there was absolutely nothing available. I googled, I emailed, I asked, I begged, and then a stroke of luck, a chain store had cancelled an order and there were three Plus-size mannequins available. In hindsight, they are so far off Plus-size, as in my sizing, I can only use up to my large, everything else drowns, so not very Plus-size.

Plus size Mannequins.

Fast forward 8 years, and things are definitely looking up for us. It’s time to replace the very tired looking mannequins, so I googled, found a place in Jo’burg, called them and with no hesitation, yes ma’am we have Plus-size mannequins. So off I went to meet my new mannequins. I could not believe my eyes, a genuine Plus-size mannequin on which my size 12/42 (2XL) fits perfectly.

Yay and yay again, today I feel respected, and I cannot believe how much better my styles look on the correct size mannequin. When they emailed me the quote the mannequin was named as Oversized mannequin, I asked the very kind gentleman who served me, to please change the name to REAL WOMAN mannequin!
❤️ H