a_hayley_joyFor months I’ve been tagged in conversations around Plus-sizes, and quite honestly, they started to concern me. I kept coming back to the same thing…why are we constantly mocking, joking, and maligning?


The more concerned I became, the more determined I became, to find a way to honour myself first, as a Plus-size designer, and then to honour my incredibly wonderful clients, who deserve to be able to buy fashion without stigma. When it finally came to me, I knew it was the perfect way to disrupt fashion as we know it, and it’s one of the only times that I was happy to google something, and it didn’t exist. A Shape not a Size is 100% mine, and today HJ takes the next step in our Shape evolution, we proudly attach a TM to our name and to, a Shape not a Size. Our trademark applications have been accepted and in due course we will replace TM with a very proud R.This shape journey is rewarding me on the very best levels.

Xxx H